Ge Capital India

GE_Capital.svgGE Capital is the financial services unit of the American conglomerate General Electric.[1] It provides commercial lending and leasing, as well as a range of financial services for health care, media, communications, entertainment, consumers, real estate, and aviation. It has a number of divisions, including GE Real Estate, GE Capital Aviation Services, GE Energy Financial Services and GE Commercial Lending & Leasing.

GE Capital focuses primarily on loans and leases that it underwrites to hold on its own balance sheet rather than on generating fees by originating loans and leases, then selling them to third parties. Most of GE Capital’s commercial loans are to small and mid-sized companies, spread across multiple industries and geographies and secured by tangible assets. More than 70% of GE Capital’s loans are under $100 million. GE Capital’s consumer lending activities are also diversified by product and geography and include operations in 55 countries.